The Legend of L’Inconnue

L’Inconnue de la Seine • The Unknown woman of the Seine • L’Inconnue de la Seine • The Unknown woman of the Seine • L’Inconnue de la Seine • The Unknown woman of the Seine

The Unknown Face de la Seine

This night the streets of Paris just happened to close their eyes

The boulevards were empty and unknown was her plight

Anonymous she perished I don’t know how or why

He saw her loveliness revealed it overwhelmed his mind

His eyes gazed down upon her face, her beauty so serene

Her smile surreal and delicate, complexion unreal

Her eyes were softly closed as if she were asleep                    

And as he touched her pale, pale cheek it made him gently weep

As no one seemed to know her name they called her L’Inconnue

This tableau in the city morgue displayed for me and you

To gaze upon and wonder why she gave her life away

And with a smile upon her face that haunts us to this day

Her image an obsession imprinted in his brain

The picture of her graceful charm driving him insane

The thought of never seeing her lovely face again

Deprived, distraught and lonely he’d never be the same

Filled with everlasting love, he set to do his task

Carefully and skilfully he made her deathly mask

To gaze upon her beauty which would live forever more

Mystical and beautiful she would live for one and all

Her death gives life to many her face could save us all

The girl the Seine rejected could still knock on your door

She of a thousand kisses her lips could give you life

And this may be the reason why she smiles her knowing smile

Music & Lyrics by Denis & Lesley Neesham

The Ballad tells her story from beginning to end!

Lesley Neesham - Lead/ Choir vocals

Denis Chopin  - All Instruments

Gary Durance - Drums & Percussion

Mario Price - Violin

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